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Fiamma Caravanstore caravan awnings UK

Elegant, nice-looking and really affordable Fiamma Caravanstore awning. The only awning for caravans and minivans with tubular rewind for wrinkle-free fabric.

The convenient Fiamma Caravanstore awning

Fiamma Caravanstore awning

Erecting the Fiamma Caravanstore awning

The Fiamma Caravanstore, the number One awning for caravans across Europe.

It’s an easy to use, sturdy and lightweight bag awning. Taking only seconds to completely roll out, Fiamma Caravanstore awnings offer excellent shelter from rain and sun. The legs are inside the roller tube and are as standard delivered, being articulated and telescopic they’re easy to take out and install.

Quick and easy!

The larger roller can be rolled-up in both ways. Just undo one screw to disassemble the legs and release the fabric for a quick and easy “pack away”.

Fiamma Caravanstore is wrinkle-free.

Even after a long storage, in just a few seconds its like new and ready to go. Due to its wide roller the Fiamma Caravanstore will easily unroll and roll up back up remaining wrinkle-free! This exclusive system allows the roller to roll up both ways (photo B).

Also included is the improved wall fixing kit

The caravanstore takes up little space when closed inside its waterproof bag.

Fiamma Caravanstore awning is compact and easily tidied away

Type of Awning
Compact, lightweight and easy to operate. Horizontal and vertical support assembly slides into awning roller tube.
Major Benefits
Specially designed for caravans, trailers, pop-ups, small campers and mobile homes.
Type of Housing
Housed in a soft bag with handy YKK self lubricating zipper. No vibration when travelling.
Slides easily into the existing awning rail, supplied upon request. Easy to remove.
Cool and cheerful, vinyl fabric with diffused lighting, hard-wearing and water-proof, with bright colours on both sides. Colour: Platinum or Ocean
225cm (180cm for 190cm awning)
Lengths available
190cm, 225cm, 255cm, 280cm, 310cm, 360cm, 410cm, 440cm
Standard equipment
Ground securing hooks. Rafter standard delivered with 410cm model, 1 Rapid Set Pro in the 440cm.
Rafter, Blocker and Caravanstore Support Leg

Fiamma Caravanstore caravan awnings are incredibly lightweight and take only a few minutes to set up and pack away. The roof rafter and leg poles are housed inside the hollow aluminium roller which, is easily rolled out by hand from the vinyl zippered bag. The front aluminium roller incorporates an internal profile designed to accept Fiamma utility panels and the brand new Fiamma CS Privacy Room.

Fiamma Caravanstore awning is the most compact awning around, the rafters fitting into the roller tube, no vibration when travelling and no loose pats to fall out


In order to purchase the correct size Fiamma Caravanstore it's important that you measure the straight horizontal section of the caravans awning rail. The Fiamma Caravanstore is housed inside a soft vinyl zippered bag, which offers enough flexibility to install the Fiamma Caravanstore easily however, the design of the Fiamma Caravanstore is centred around the use of a solid aluminium roller, which is unable to tolerate some curved awning rails. If you are in any doubt please email a good side profile image of your caravan to for a second opinion. See below chart for correct bag and canopy lengths.

Fiamma Caravanstore Awnings


Awning Length


Canopy Length


Ocean Blue Deluxe Grey

Caravanstore 190cm

190 cm

180 cm

162 cm

5.4 kg

Caravanstore 225cm
225 cm
225 cm
202 cm
7.1 kg

Caravanstore 255cm

255 cm

225 cm

232 cm

7.6 kg

Caravanstore 280cm
280 cm
225 cm
254 cm
7.8 kg

Caravanstore 310cm

310 cm

225 cm

284 cm

8.3 kg

Caravanstore 360cm
360 cm
225 cm
334 cm
9.5 kg

Caravanstore 410cm*

410 cm

225 cm


10.1 kg

Caravanstore 440cm**
440 cm
225 cm
414 cm
10.7 kg

[*] 1 Caravanstore Rafter pole supplied

[**] 1 Caravanstore Support Leg and 1 Caravanstore Rafter pole supplied.


The Caravanstore Awnings are available in two colours
Fiamma Caravanstore colour option 1
Fiamma Caravanstore colour option 2



Fiamma Caravanstore Accessories below

Fiamma Caravanstore front blocker

Fiamma Caravanstore front blocker

Fiamma Caravanstore Side Blocker

Fiamma Caravanstore Side Blocker

Fiamma groundsheet

Fiamma groundsheet

Fiamma tie down kit

Fiamma tie down kit


Fiamma Caravanstore Rafter


Fiamma Caravanstore Rafter