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The PAL Pool Lift

The next generation in The next generation in disability swimming pool lifts. The PAL (portable aquatic lift) disabled swimming pool lift is a battery powered aid for use by individuals with disabilities in residential, commercial, recreational, and hospitality settings. The lifting mechanism used is a screw driven actuator, which is powered by a rechargeable battery. This combination insures a more consistent and reliable operation than hydraulic, water powered swimming pool lifts.

pal pool lift


PAL Swimming disabled pool lift features:

  • Completely Portable: The PAL swimming pool hoist does not require mounting to the swimming pool deck. It is the perfect solution for facilities with multiple pools. It can be set up any- where along the pool deck, and put away when not in use.
  • Complies with ISO 10535-1.2 for more information click here
  • Consistent Operation: Features a 24-volt rechargeable battery, which powers a mechanical actuator. This combination insures that the PAL swimming pool lift will work when you want it to work. Every time.
  • The Swimming pool lift is easy to use: Can be operated by either the user or an attendant. Its hand control is completely waterproof. Just roll the PAL to the edge of the pool, lock the wheels, set the stabilizers, and the PAL is ready to use.
  • The pal when not in use can be packed away so that the measurement from back to front is 56 inches, this is achieved by retracting the arm and putting the seat on the inside of the arm by simply slipping the holding pin out to release the seat.
  • Accessibility: The PAL disabled swimming pool lift makes any pool accessible in seconds. It provides a 300 (136kg)-pound lifting capacity and a 240 turning radius for safe transfers away from pool edge. It is truly the easiest way to get everyone into the water. The PAL swimming pool lift is the ideal solution for people with special needs.


Specifications for the PAL - portable swimming pool lift

  • Height - 1850mm
  • Base Height - 600mm
  • Base Length - 890mm
  • Base Width - 720mm
  • Total weight - 386kg
  • Length extended - 2640mm
  • Length storage - 1400mm
  • Power - 24v DC
  • Battery life - 30 cycles (approx)
  • Lifting capacity - 136kg (300lb)

The PAL Portable Aquatic Lift is available in the following models:

PAL 1000 – Standard portable swimming pool lift is the perfect lift solution for facilities wishing to service more than one pool.
Pal Hi/Lo – A variation of the PAL swimming pool hoist designed for in facilities that have both in-ground pools and above ground spas.
PAL Spa – Designed for above ground pools and for above ground spas up to 52” above the deck.

pal swimming pool hoistportable pool lift


Price (Ex VAT)
PAL 1000
Standard portable swimming pool lift solution ideal for facilities with more than one pool.
Variation on the standard model, designed for facilities that have both in-ground pools and above ground spas.
Designed for above ground pools and above ground spas of up to 52" above the deck.

Spares & Accessories

Price (Inc VAT)
Standard Chair Assembly £868.80
Hi/Low Chair Assembly £938.40
Footrest £120
Seat Belt £45.60
Seat Back £94.80
Arm Rest Assembly £483.60
Pal Hi/Low Cover £406.80
Standard Pal Mast & Arms £1053.60
Spine Board Lifting Frame £385.20
Pal Total Cover £394.80
Stability Vest £180
Seat Pad £94.80
Pal Battery Cover £55.20
Battery £208.80
Charger-New Style £69.60
Control Box £403.20
Mounting Bracket £64.80
Remote Control £134.40
Pal Swivel Caster £148.80
Pal Rigid Castor £94.80
Pal Hub Assembly £957.60
Pal Turn Gear £262.80
New Stabiliser Arm £93.60
LA 34 Actuator £766.80
24v Motor £213.60
Small Turn Gear £62.40

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