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This is a unique vehicle concept for the first steps in mobility. The first ride on scooter for your baby. It is a combination of the highly successful PUKY learner bike and a tricycle. puky baby learner woosh wutsch bikes UK

It is designed for children aged from 18months plus or approx 80cm.

"WUTSCH" offers infants who have already learned to walk an exciting possibility to train balance and to co-ordinate their walking movements with the first steering movements. A new experience which supports little children their development as it actively assists their fun while moving

This is the ideal pre stage to the learner bike. Baby's first scooter ride on toy!

It is light - weighing only 2.4kgs, yet perfectly balanced with its unique front axle design and has soft foam tyres.

Puky Wutsch

Puky Wutch Diagram

Puky Wutsch (Ocean Blue)
Puky Wutsch (Red)
Puky 4026 Wutsch
Puky Wutsch Red 4023

Next Working Day Delivery

Puky Wutsch (Pink)
Puky 4022 Pink Wutsch


Puky Children's Toddler Cars


  • Baby car with low centre of gravity: for a very high steadiness
  • Ergonomic seat: for a firm sitting
  • Ergonomic leg mould
  • Very high steadiness
  • Patented steering
  • Next working day delivery!!Next Working Day Delivery


  • Silent comfort wheels
  • Sporty steering wheel with integral horn
  • Instrument panel decoration
  • Patented steering

Puky Car Diagram

Puky Ride on car 1808
Puky Red Car 1803
Puky Pink Ride on Car


Puky Car Parent pole

Parent Pole for Toddler cars