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Outdoor Sports and Garden Games

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football soccer goals

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Football Goals

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badminton tennis and volleyball game set 3 in 1

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3 In 1 Badminton / Tennis / Volleyball Set


  • 2x Soft Tennis Balls
  • 2x Badminton Rackets
  • 1x PVC Volleyball (8")
  • 2x A.B.S Tennis Rackets (23")
  • 1x Shuttle Cock
  • 2x A.B.S Lids for the poles
  • 1x Inflating Pump-Pin
  • 4x Small Pole Joints
  • Poles (size Ø: 53mm), 70cm x 4pcs, 50cm x 2 pcs.
  • 1x Net
  • 2x Plastic Bases
  • 2x Plastic Tees


3 in 1 training step hurdles
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3 In 1 Step Hurdles


  • 6x - 1 in 3 Step Training Hurdles
  • Adjustable height on each hurdle
  • Suitable for different age ranges
  • Warm up for sports
  • Indoor / Outdoor
  • Safe and Easy


childrens adjustable basketball stand
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Adjustable Height Basket ball Stand

Height adjustable basketball hoop, 6 positions maximum height 140cm minimum height 90cm  When in max height position the overall height to the top of the basketball stand is 180cm


complete cricket set
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Complete Cricket Set


  • 2 x Sturdy PVC Cricket Bats
  • 2 x Wickets (wicket poles Length 70cm Diameter 36mm)
  • 2 x High quality PVC cricket balls


target toss lawn darts
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Target Toss Lawn Darts Game

A great fun game, With Target toss lawn darts you can test your throwing arm and aim with these child safe darts that stand up-right on impact this pack comes with 4 darts and 2 target hoops.