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Intex swimming pool spare parts filters Easyset covers and accessories UK


Intex Swimming Pool Debris Covers
Intex Easy Set Pool Cover
Intex Frame swimming pool Cover

Intex 12 foot Frame Pool Cover

Sold Out

Intex 15 foot Frame Pool Cover

Sold Out

Intex Easyset and Intex Frame set pool covers are sent on a next working day service


Intex swimming pool maintenance kit includes net and vacuum ref 28002

94" (239cm) telescopic aluminium pole, will not rust. Polyester mesh netting. Vacuum connects to garden hose. 94" ideal for poles up to 16ft (488cm) diameter.

Next working day carrier!


Intex Swimming Pool Solar Covers for Frame and Easyset

Our  Intex Blue Solar Cover will warm the water and reduce your heating costs enabling you to swim longer.

We've decided not to supply the 100 micron Intex solar covers anymore, for more substantial 200 micron solar covers see the table below.

Intex 10ft Solar Cover

Intex 12ft Solar Cover

Intex 15ft Solar Cover


Deluxe Swimming pool Solar Covers
Deluxe Solar Covers
  • This swimming pool solar cover is blue
  • Longer lasting super UV stabilisation
  • Swimming Pool Cover requires trimming
  • 3 year pro-rata warranty (UK & Eire only)
  • 200 microns
  • All covers come with a protective sheet
Swimming Pool Solar Cover Size

12 ft Swimming Pool Solar Cover

15 ft Swimming Pool Solar Cover

16 ft Swimming Pool Solar Cover

18 ft Swimming Pool Solar Cover

24 ft Swimming Pool Solar Cover

12 ft x 18 ft Swimming Pool Solar Cover

12 ft x 20 ft Swimming Pool Solar Cover

12 ft x 24 ft Swimming Pool Solar Cover

15 ft x 30 ft Swimming Pool Solar Cover


Intex Swimming Pool Electric Heater
Intex Electric Swimming Pool Heater

Compatible with Intex Easy Set and Intex metal frame pools 15' (457cm) diameter or smaller. The 3KW heater raises water temperature by approx 2.8°C. Includes: Water level sensor, dual thermal protector and incline switch for safety. Also includes thermometer to gauge pool water temperature. Use an Intex solar cover to maximise benefit of the heater. Please note this item is not compatible with 18' pools and above. REF TOY28684.




Model 604 Intex Swimming Pool Filter Pump
Model 638 Intex Swimming Pool Filter Pump
Large Intex Swimming Pool Filter Pump
Intex Filter Pump 530 Gallon
Intex Swimming Pool Filter Pump 1000 Gallon
Intex Swimming pool Filter Pump 2500 Gallons

Ref Toy58604
for 10' & 12' Pools
Intex Pumps 530 gallons per hour

Ref Toy56638
for 12' & 15' Pools
Intex Pumps 1000 gallons per hour

Ref Toy56634
for 18' 24' Pools
Intex Pumps 2500 gallons per hour


Intex Spare Filter Cartridges, Have I Got The Right One?

Please check before you buy your Intex filter cartridges. Size E Intex filters are for a now discontinued type of Intex filter pump, this went over the side of the wall, hanging from the top. Size A Intex filter cartridges are the most commonly ordered Intex filter cartridges and fit 8ft 10ft 12ft & 15ft & some bigger Intex pools. Size B Intex filters fit the old 18ft and 24ft Intex swimming pools, but check before you order, some bigger Intex pools now have size A. Be aware Intex filter cartridges are generally not interchangeable with other makes of pools. If in doubt ring sales on 0151 334 0222.

Intex filter pump filters

2 x Regular Intex filter cartridges ref TOY29002

For use with Intex filter pump models 03R, 22R, 638 & 636 ref 59900.

1 x Large Intex filters ref TOY59905

For use with Intex filter pump models 52, 530R & 634. ref 59905.

2x Regular Filter

Larger Filter

Size A filter box of 6


Cover Saver
Swimming Pool Cover Saver

Cover saver removes excess water from top of winter cover.


Chlorine Tablet Dispenser

Floating Chlorine Tablet Dispenser is designed to dispense chlorine tablets into your swimming pool. The chlorine tablet dispenser is available in two versions; 5" version is suitable for swimming pools between 8ft - 12ft and the 7" version is suitable for pools above 15ft.

Swimming Pool Chlorine Dispencer

7" Chlorine Tablet Dispenser
for 15ft pools and above



Winter/Debris Swimming Pool Covers

Pool Size & Shape


12 ft Diameter


15 ft Diameter


16 ft Diameter


18 ft Diameter


21 ft Diameter


24 ft Diameter


16 x 10 ft Oval


18 x 12 ft Oval


20 x 12 ft Oval


24 x 12 ft Oval


28 x 12 ft Oval


30 x 15 ft Oval


32 x 16 ft Oval


33 x 18 ft Oval





Intex swimming pool salt water Chlorinator

ref TOY54602

Intex swimming pool salt water Chlorinator


Simply hook the krystal clear chlorine generator into the pool's water flow as directed, add the specified amount of salt and the chlorine generator will do the rest! The pool water is converted to an effective algaecide - and since salt doesn't evaporate or dissipate as chlorine does, the constant addition of chemicals is a thing of the past. There is nothing like swimming in a pool treated with an Krystal Clear chlorine generator: incredibly clean, crystal clear and fresh! Amazingly easy to maintain! You have to experience it to believe it! ref TOY54602

  • 220 - 240 volt
  • Heavy-duty stand-alone chlorine generator easily hooks into most above ground filter pump systems
  • Includes hose attachments and electrical cord
  • Self-cleaning titanium-coated electrolytic cell for continued performance
  • Touch-sensitive control panel allows user to pre-program operating hours
  • Flow sensor system alerts operator to adverse operating conditions
  • Keypad locking system ensures settings are not changed accidentally
  • Easy to use test strips (50 strips) included to check performance