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Electrical Sockets and switches

A range of modular Switches and Sockets, with Single or Double ‘supporting frames’ a choice of stylish outer frames, for a really professional quality installation.

12 Volt Socket

Automatic 12 Volt Electrical Socket

12 Volt Auto, TV and Sat panel

12 Volt, 10 Amp Socket. Accepts ‘Hella’ style single pole plugs only.

12 Volt, 10 Amp Socket. Powers ‘Traditional’ style cigar lighter type plugs.

12 Volt, 10 Amp Socket for ‘Traditional’ style cigar lighter plugs and combines a satellite and TV coaxial outlet.


12 Volt Auto and TV

12 Volt Auto and Cover

230 Volt 3 pin socket

12 Volt, 10 Amp Socket. Takes ‘Traditional’ style cigar lighter plug and a single coaxial TV outlet only.

12 Volt outlet a ‘Traditional’ cigar lighter style, with dust cover, NOT Waterproof!

Standard UK socket. rated at 230 Volts, 13 Amps.


Tv Aerial Socket

Single Uinpolar Switch

Single TV coaxial outlet only.

Single switch unit.


Single Unipolar and LED Switch

Double Unipolar Switch

Single switch unit with Led ‘on’ light.

Double switch unit.


CBE Grey Support & Outer Frames

CBE Graphite Support & Outer Frames

......your choice of stylish outer frame in bright grey.....

.....or matte graphite finish!

Single frame

Single frame

Double frame

Double frame

Triple Frame

Triple Frame